Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Sunday Pictures

We ran a little late today so I didn't get ANY of her looking at me.

Also, I asked Hannah to go sit on the steps so I could take a picture. She decided to go sit on the landing right beside a bunch of junk that needs to go upstairs! Ignore the Junk! Look at the Girl!

SO, Here is what we got...


JoniDH said...

Two comments:
1. Love those ankles crossed!
2. I sure hope that cup has MILK in it!!!!!

I Love You!

Oh, 3 comments: I also love to see Sunday pictures of Mommy and Daddy!! Hope you all are feeling better.

Grandmom said...

Sweet pictures. Hannah looks like she's praying in the one with ankles crossed. Yes! I hope she has milk now. Hope all of you are all better! We love you!

bettyd said...

She looks like an angel in these pictures! Love how she backed up to the wall and crossed her legs! Sure would like a hug!