Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Book

It is amazing the kind of dent you can put into your 320 page book when you are at home, in bed, with the flu for 2 days. I really am, actually, a slow reader!

Something Borrowed was definitely interesting and an easy read. It keeps you wanting more. This book is sprinkled with some foul language and, as a question from the Readers Group Guide at the end says, disloyalty is a major theme in this novel. Be prepared for that if you are going to try this one out. However, within all this there is a very sweet love story and a wonderful journey of a girl finding out who she really is, apart from any of her friends! It is interesting.

I have decided I do want to see what happens next so I am going to read the sequel. ( However, I am a little disappointed that the sequel is from the eyes of a different character. ) We will see how it goes. Something Blue is my next read!

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