Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday Pictures

This Sunday was a little different since Chris and I both had the flu. Someone came and picked her up for church so that we would could have a little rest time. SO, she actually took her bath Sunday morning which is unusual. I think it was a very weird day for her.

Hannah is kinda like me. When she gets out of the bath her skin is kinda blotchy red. I don't know why but my skin does that too.


Grandmom said...

What a beautiful Sunday morning smile! She looks so clean and fresh! So sorry you two were sick. Hope you didn't pass it on to Hannah.

Wendy Worley said...

Sorry to hear you & Chris are sick. Hope you feel well soon. I can not believe how big she is getting. Her hair is getting so long.

JoniDH said...

I could just squeeze her!