Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Flu!

I have been inspired by my dear friend Elizabeth, who found a few positive things in a horrible situation involving some hard wood flooring....

Here are the things I have learned from having the flu in my home and effect everyone who lives in it!
  • I may actually like being at home sick rather than at work well. ( I am not sure I have always felt this way.)
  • The people who have developed a routine with my daughter and take care of her every day - they are saints!
  • Seriously, my bed is really really comfortable.
  • Lysol, despite the smell and unfortunate taste in the air, really makes you feel that your house can be and eventually will be flu-bug-free one day.
  • Good thing to know in life - if you use Hand Sanitizer too much, you will start to taste it!
  • When a 19 month old throws up on things (many things), the laundry seems to get done rather quickly!!
  • 99.4 may not really be a fever.
  • Pedialite Popsicles are a lifesaver.
  • I really miss blogging. It has come to be something that I really love to do. When I am too sick to do it, I miss it. (But because my bed is so comfy, I don't loose any sleep over it!)
  • I really think that grape juice tastes great. Especially with a lot of crushed ice in it!
  • And, finally, my family here (where my home is) is wonderful, even if they aren't related by blood.


JoniDH said...

Quite profound, sweetheart! : )

Wendy Worley said...

Sorry to hear ya'll are sick. Hope you get well soon.