Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am not sure what I would pick if I was allowed to have ONE luxury in life. Do you? (I know you have one, mom!!)

I do know this. One of my top choices would be to buy my wardrobe in outfits. A pair of pants were bought with one shirt and that is how you wear them.... together. In the mornings there is no thinking of what will match what. I would just pull out a hanger and it would have everything I need right on it.

Right now my daughter has this luxury. I am jealous. Ahhhh the life!!


JoniDH said...

I'm also jealous of ALL her cute clothes!

Wendy Worley said...

A Maid! Does that count?

Grandmom said...

Ahh...what a dream. I guess there are those who have that luxury. I wish I could throw out all my old clothes (and I mean old truly) and have a new wardrobe. But I would want someone else to do the shopping for me. I dislike having to try on and decide. I usually come home without anything.
Hannah has a lovely wardrobe!!!!