Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Saturday

My wonderful friends Lori and Julie gave me tickets to go shop at a consignment sale early (when the consignors shop). They told me things that really made me scared. They said to bring a basket, go thru the size clothes you want and gab all that look interesting and throw them in the basket. They told me if someone got in my way to push them. They told me to find a corner, guard my things and sort! They told me to listen for a check out number and when they call for it go get it right then or I will be there for hours. They told me that there will be lots of people there and it will be very serious.

I was very scared so I took my friend Sara Jo with me. She loves consignment sales and she has never been to one "early" either so we could be new at it together. (We did however, after talking about what Julie and Lori said, decide that they were probably exaggerating a little..)

We got there about 5 minutes early ... that is good right? NO, the line to get in was down the sidewalk and out the parking lot and about to go down a row of cars. I saw people not just bring baskets but also bring wagons, clean trashcans (the big kind you put out for the trash men), laundry baskets, a rolling hanging rack, and some even went to the Big Lots next door and got one of their shopping carts to use. By the time they let us in the line was almost completely down one parking lot row. Oh My Goodness, I was SCARED. This is really not my thing.

Let me tell you, when we got into that HUGE place with the HUGE sale, I heard something I don't think I ever imagined I would hear in my lifetime. 300 + women in a big room, COMPLETELY silent! It was ALL business. Luckily, we took my friend's advise and quickly realized that they were not exaggerating (although, I did not have to push anyone!) and were very successful shoppers. It was lots of fun.

Chris and I have accepted lots of hand-me-downs and gifts for Hannah's clothing in the 20 months that she has been alive and have really not bought her very much. Well, that all changed Saturday... Check out my $90 worth of lute!!

5 Summer School Outfits.

3 VBS/Wednesday Night Worship Outfits.

8 (how may Sundays are in the summer?) Dresses

And 1 big ticket item. A Strasburg Dress! Beautiful!!

After all that drama I come home to wait for this......
he he he! JK! We were so excited Aunt Wendy and Mollie were able to come and visit us. Hannah loved it! Hannah calls them "de de" and "modeee". It was lots of fun AND they babysat while Chris and I went on a date. Yipppeeee!

What an adventurous Saturday!


JoniDH said...

Nice haul! Glad you and SJ had fun! Aunt Wendy and Mollie told me what fun Hannah was! I'm so jealous!

Wendy Worley said...

Be sure to ask Kathrin Y. about her first experience. All she kept saying on the way home was WOW, WOW, WOW! There are several coming up in Columbia, where the prices are usually a lot less, for the same items... If you are interested??? You will know to get there about 3:00pm for the 6:00 opening. :)

bettyd said...

What cute outfits! And you certainly got a lot for your $, and didn't have to push! It is fun finding such treasures. The outfits we took Hannah last fall came from the "Mothers of Twins and Triplets" consignment sale, although we weren't lucky enough to go on the first day like you were.

Julie said...

I'm so glad you had fun and got some beautiful, fun outfits for Hannah. Beware, consignment shopping can become addictive! I should know, I had to go into counseling when my kids got to old for it!

And to get to go on a date as well! That's my dream day!

Libby said...

I think this is the one time I can honestly say that I'm glad I wasn't there!! I'm glad you had fun. I've been once. That was enough. You got some really cute clothes though!

Melissa said...

I have to say I am one of those that is addicted! I love going to consigment sales, although I have never been lucky enough to go early. Glad you were able to find some great things for Hannah. Hope you will get to go to another sale sometime soon in the future!

Grandmom said...

Sounds fun! The Strasburg dress looks like an ideal Easter dress. It is beautiful! You know I like all that special stuff (smocking). Of course it will probably be cold that day. All of your purchases were very pretty. Glad you had fun.