Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Growing Up

I can not believe how big she is getting..
  • Hannah now actually says "milk" with the m sound and everything as opposed the "nook" we grew to really love.
  • Hannah use to have a very distinctive grunt/moan that sounded the exact same every time we asked her to say please. She now says please very well.
  • Hannah can tell you the name of every person in her class at school and at church. Her teachers say that she gets very worried about someone if they are not there, constantly asking about them.
  • Hannah use to think that any book you gave her was "Bible" and now she will ask "Bible?" and if I say no then she knows it is just a "Book." She tries very hard to be sure that she says that K sound. It is funny.
  • Last weekend, Hannah sat in a booster seat in a booth at a restaurant and she was just fine. I had no idea we were ready for a booster seat!!
  • Hannah will call your name, you will look at her, and she will babble on and on telling you about something very important. It probably won't be long until we can understand what she is saying.
  • Hannah now says some version of "I Love You" when we ask her too. It is amazing to hear.
  • At the supper table, Hannah will point to all of our plates and cups and announce who's they are. For cups it is "Mommy's Milk" (no matter what is in my cup), "Daddy's Milk" (same), and "Hannah's Milk." She seems the most proud of Hannah's!
  • A small part of me doesn't want Hannah to stop calling her kitchen "chitchen." When we go upstairs to play she will look back and say "bye bye chitchen!"
  • Hannah is actually taking naps and going Night Night without her paci and without a whole lot of fuss about it. I just can't believe that she can take it or leave it sometimes. I thought it would be SO difficult.
  • Hannah is very proud to say that she is a "big girl," especially when we talk about it when she does not use her paci.
  • AND, Hannah has decided it is really cool that she has pockets in her pants. It is so cute seeing her walk around with her hands in her pockets.


bettyd said...

She is quite the communicator! Can't wait to talk with her again. Love you Hannah!

Sara Jo said...

It is so much fun to watch & LISTEN as our children change and grow. Like you, there are little cute things that I miss Cole & Savannah doing/saying as the grow to the next stage, BUT the next stage always ends up being even more fun than the last! Hannah is getting to be such a big beautiful girl - inside and out! -- Hope you guys feel better!

Melissa said...

Landon too loves his pockets. If he doesn't put his hands in the pockets he asks for money to put in there. It is amazing how they are growing up!

Grandmom said...

She is growing up so fast! I know you hate for the baby words to go but we have to let go and let her grow. Enjoy every stage of it. She is so precious to us!

JoniDH said...

Mindy, now you are beginning to understand why I didn't want to correct how you said "aggerator" for refrigerator - that was your "last" baby talk word (well, except for tooken and the dog thing.....well, no, those are different : )

And I guess that's why I enjoyed to DRAWER thing, too. Precious memories.