Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just An Idea

If you have children in day care (even if you don't - maybe) then you have a TON of "pretty pictures" done by your child. Many Many pieces of construction paper with beautiful scribble on it or very creative random blotches of paint on it. So many maybe, you just don't know what to do with them all.

Well, when I started to think of how I was going to plan Hannah's birthday party I couldn't decide on a "theme." It didn't have to have a theme but I wanted to have something consistent with the decorations and the cake and everything. I tried to look at the sets they had out and think of what she is really in to and I didn't really come up with anything. She doesn't watch a lot of the day time TV because she is in day care so even though she knows who Dora, Big Bird, and Elmo are she is not really IN TO them. You know what I mean?

Lately she has been all about coloring. Whether is be Aquadoodle, or Crayons, or Chloe's Wonder Colors, or a pencil from the church pew, or Magnadoodle... Whatever, she is into coloring so I decided we would have a Colors party. What a better way to invite all of the family she loves and friends she adores to a Colors party than to use her own coloring. SO, I picked out some of the art work from school that we were not planning on keeping and made her invitations out of them. I found a black and white picture of crayons, put it in the paint program to color them and write party information in them, printed them, cut them out, folded the art work, used a glue stick to put the information on and waaaalahhhhh!! we had some invitations. I just had to buy envelopes.

I took a few pictures of 3 of them to show you. I thought they turned out cute. And I found a useful way to use Hannah's "Art!" I would think, if you are in the same pickle I am with a lot of art work, you could use them for invitations no matter what the theme of the party is. Go For It!!


The Burgess Family said...

what a great idea!!!!

bettyd said...

We commented on Hannah's art work when we received the invitation. Didn't know all of them were on her "drawings". You are so creative.

JoniDH said...

We loved our invitation. I remember when we were in Nashville, Hannah is so proud of her work and she knows the difference when she "colors" and when she "paints"! And it is fasinating to watch her - she positions the color just right in her hand and switches hands every now and then......very interesting.

The Burgess Family said...

i emailed you on the home email address that melissa sent to me... she said she doesnt know if you check it anymore so if not, please let her know!!