Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We had another Doctor's Appointment yesterday. Since they did not get to see Justus' heart from the angle they wanted, we got another ultra sound. They were able to see everything they wanted to see and all was wonderful!! Yipppeeeee!!

Here are some of the pictures we got.

They didn't scan as clear as I hoped they would but I think you can still get the jist of it.

The first two are the 4D picutres of the front of his face. These pictures just struck Chris and I so much. I can't believe how clear they are. Hannah's 4D pictures were not this clear. The doctor said that the more fluid the baby has around them the better for the pictures so maybe Hannah didn't have as much fluid.

The third one is of the bottom of his foot. I thought this was cute for them to try to get for us.

The fourth one is of Justus' profile. Now, Hannah's profile picture was much clearer than this... SO, I guess it just depends on the baby as to how and when they want to be photogenic.

Keep me and Justus in your prayers as we go thru this last 16 weeks of pregnancy. (Maybe a 24 weeks pregnant picutre of Mommy will be up soon - who knows?)


Libby said...

Those are so cute! I'm glad everything is going well. I'll be waiting for that 24 week picture.

JoniDH said...

Can't wait to hold Justus and smooch all over that sweet face and feet.............Love you ALL!

(And, it is past time for the mommy picture!)

bettyd said...

Now I see the toes - I need arrows to help me. I failed to tell you in the email that Justus looks a LOT like Chris! Can't wait. And, yes, a Mommy picture would be nice.

Wendy said...

Wow!! I love him already and he is so, so, so, pretty!! I can't wait to kiss those toes!!!

Aunt Wendy and Mollie

The Burgess Family said...

getting closer every day to being able to meet him!!! try and stay out of this heat the next few weeks!!

Grandmom said...

I can't wait to hold and cuddle Justus. He is so precious. God is so wonderful to send us such sweet babies and to allow us to have the technology we have today so we can see Justus grow.
I love you four!