Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Little Behind

I get emails about different things when I am at work. I forward them to my home email address when I want to share them. Mainly, I want to share them with you. Then I get so busy, pictures of Hannah are easier and now I have 119 emails I need to go thru and figure out why they are there. Some are there because I wanted to blog about them. Some are there because I want to save pictures from them. Some are there because I need to write someone back. Others are there just because I have forgotten to delete them when I didn't need them any more. So.. The ones I wanted to blog about are the first ones I am going to get to. Just some. Don't worry. You won't be up all night reading it!!

First, Have you heard this story about a child kissing her mother on the ear and causing her mom to go deaf in that ear. It is like she just caught her ear at just the right angle and sucked during her kiss just long enough that it made her mom deaf in that ear. Isn't that bizarre? You know that mother wouldn't turn away a kiss from her child. I guess we just all need to be careful when our children want to kiss us on the ear. WOW! Crazy!

Second, Have you heard about these people that have never been discovered? The article says it is one of "Brazil's last uncontacted Indian tribes."
A couple of things come to mind about this. Am I so naive to think this really wasn't possible? Especially in Brazil where there are places very developed? It is fine - really. I don't mind you laughing at me but it made me do that weird thinking where everything is a question and there are no answers. Do you ever hear something and the only responses you can think of are questions? Like.... Are we near April Fool's Day? Is someone playing a trick? Do they have spears? Why am I surprised that there seem to be 3 different "color" of people there? What do they do all day? What will those women think when we introduce them to epidural? (I am pregnant, ya know!) How will people get to them? Do they have new diseases? Will our diseases kill them? Who is going to take the first step to talk to them? Are we going to try to show them how to use a computer? Will they really believe people all over the world have seen their picture? Do they know what a picture is?

Seriously.... I could go on and on. This is another thing that just seems crazy to me.

What is so interesting about this is that I just read an article in the January edition of THINK magazine. (Yes, I am a little behind.) It talked about people who ask the question about the "poor innocent Aborigines in Australia going to hell because they have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ." It is a wonderful article that anyone can borrow if they want to read it but the scripture that he talked about that really struck me about this is Romans 1:19-20 that says "Because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse" You can know God because He is in you. They are without excuse.

OK, as I keep cleaning out my email, I am sure I will find more but this is all for now.

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