Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

Hannah is no doubt a girl. A shoe girl at that. I was a little worried at first about her not liking shoes since I am not sure we put any on her for almost the first year of her life. I will never forget in the middle of October (she was 4 months old) our Day Care teacher asked if Hannah had any socks.

Anyway, she is definitely in to shoes. She checks regularly to see if Mommy and Daddy have any shoes on. If she sees a pair of shoes around the house, she puts them on no matter whose they are. She knows the difference between her boots, her crocks, her sandals, and her tennis shoes.

These are just a few pictures I have taken in the last couple of weeks of her in some different shoes.

The first one is of Hannah in her rain boots that Papa Joe got her. She thinks these are great because they are a little big and they have the handles on the side so she can put them on all by herself. Too bad she can't walk in them.

The second one is of Hannah's New Balance. Everyone knows I am a huge Adidas fan, however, I would have to say my second favorite brand in shoe is New Balance. These were on a very good sale and they are PURPLE so Chris and I just couldn't resist.

The third and fourth ones are of Hannah in her first pair of flip flops. I have this issue with putting things between my toes but there are SO many cute shoes with things you have to put between your toes. I saw these shoes in the Dollar Spot at Target and thought I would get her some and see if she likes them. If I start her at an early age, maybe she won't be like me. She likes them but she sort of scoots instead of actually walking. It is funny. They are a little too big for her too so maybe she will grow into them and be able to wear them out like regular shoes one day.


Wendy said...

Love ALL the shoes.

Hannah, always remember....

A girl can NEVER have too many shoes!!!

love you bunches and bunches
aunt wendy and mollie
aunt dee gee and moddy

JoniDH said...

Love the shoe fashion show. Nannah was ESPECIALLY excited to see Hannah trying flip flops! I LOVE flip flops. You go girl!

bettyd said...

Cutest feet ever! Hannah, I see lots of shoe shopping in the future!

Grandmom said...

Hannah must be my great-granddaughter for sure!!! When grandpop and I married I had a pair of dress and a pair of casual shoes in every color available. When grandmother Dorriety saw me moving them into our apartment she said "oh, my so many shoes!" I think she was visualizing that I would put us in the "poor house" buying shoes. Hannah enjoy your shoes!