Wednesday, June 25, 2008


First, We are a pretty big singing household. (Despite the fact that I could not hit a single note correctly if my life depended on it!) We sing in the car. We sing in the tub. We sing while we play. We sing when we are fussy. We sing when we are happy. We sing everywhere!

Second, I have not ever been one of those moms who talks about keeping their baby a baby for as long as possible. I don't think I rush Hannah, at least I try not to... But I can remember talking to someone when she was not even 6 months old about wanting to be young parents so that when the kids are out of the house we can have some fun times on our own. The person I was talking to said.. "You are already thinking about her leaving? I cried this fall because my son is going to go to Kindergarten next fall!" I am not saying I won't be sad but I feel like the goal is to raise her in the Lord to be a Light and then letting her go to actually be that Light in the world. It is just the way it works - right?

Now, The Story. Tonight was one of the first times I think I have ever really felt a sadness that one day this stage of Hannah will go away. I was getting her dressed to go to worship and the whole time I was changing her diaper, picking out her clothes, and getting her dressed, she was singing. All by herself. Just singing. Loud, not mumbling but not screaming. Just singing out. Really singing, all alone. I finally just stopped, put our foreheads together and listened. Just Listened. And I felt tears in my eyes. It was some of the most beautiful singing I have ever heard. Today. Today, I had that small bit of wish inside me that she would sing like that forever, even though I know she won't, and that is a good thing... really.


Over here, it's me said...

Mindy - Your observations and commentary about Hannah are some of the best things I have ever read that any parent has written about their children. Keep it up! I sometimes read your postings and feel saddened by the fact that I don't have a similar journal of all the wonderful memories of Marsha and you as children. I know that there are countless little moments that I will never be able to recall because so many years have passed. Don't stop! Hannah will appreciate everything you write and someday she will thank you for every word.


Wendy said...

I have felt and still feel the same way.

love you
Aunt Wendy

JoniDH said...

Yes, Daddy is right - I wish I had captured more of those thousands of moments I cherish from your childhood. But I get to relive a lot of those moments through you and Hannah. And, guess what? Those cherished moments don't go away - they are just new and different moments of pride, love, and sweetness. I am so proud of you and Chris and the parents you are to Hannah. Being a person who LOVES singing - I am so glad that singing is a part of your lives. Keep it up. Boy, Justus just doesn't know what a wonderful family God has chosen for him. Love you all very much! (Would love to have more singing videos if Hannah will - I'm thinking microphone for Christmas - hehehehehe)

Wendy Worley said...

Looking towards the future and knowing you are doing the best for your child(ren) is a positive thing! You & Chris are doing a wonderful job! Keep doing what you are doing and don't worry what others say!

Grandmom said...

What precious moments. I suppose your blog is like a journal but if not you should keep one. I always told young mothers and daddys to write down those precious, cute things so you won't forget. Glad you are singers! Sing and Be Happy