Saturday, June 28, 2008

Right Now

Right Now .....

Hannah is sleeping in her new room.

It is not completely finished but the room is painted, her bed it up and made, and she is sleeping there.

About 20 minutes after we put her down she started crying. A shadow from the nightlight was really bothering her. We changed nightlights and outlet location and she said it was better, laid down and went to sleep. I love that she can kinda tell me what is wrong!!

I will give you complete pictures of how the room turned out when everything is in it but for now, here are a couple of pictures of Hannah checking out her new bed. She is really silly!


JoniDH said...

Oh, it is looking GREAT! I can't wait to see the whole project finished. We all know it is an adjustment to change beds/rooms. But, what a GREAT new roon for Hannah! She MUST be loving her new space!

Libby said...

I love her new room. I love the wall color, her bed, the sheets, everything!!

Wendy said...

Love your new room Hannah!!! Mollie has a really cute lavender/purple lamp she is going to hand down to you. next visit we will see if it matches your big girl room.....has mommy and daddy hung your butterfly?

love you
aunt wendy and mollie
aunt deegee and moddy

bettyd said...

Looks so pretty. Hannah, you did a good job of picking out your new bedroom ensemble - it looks even prettier out of the package. Can't wait to see the whole room.