Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vacation Bible School

VBS is fun and exciting and exhausting.

Of course for me some of the fun is the summer outfits that I get to put Hannah in. This first one is one that I have been saving for VBS. Nannah, correct me if I am wrong about this but this outfit was something like $12. It was at a department store and I compared the 2T size to the 24 month size and I think I found a 1/2 inch difference. The 2T was $24.99 and the 24 months was $14.99 and then we had a coupon or discount or something. That seemed like a crazy price difference to me for 1/2 inch. When I picked it out, I specifically said that I wanted for her to wear it to VBS. I thought it was SO adorable. (This was last night.)

Maw Maw, you can correct me if I am wrong on this outfit. I feel like we found this dress last summer at Target and I loved it so much that I had to get it for her. I think 2T was the smallest it came in so I got it for her to wear this year. I was so excited it was time for her to wear it. And then when we got downstairs we realized that Daddy and Hannah matched. We were in a REAL RUSH after work to make it on time since we had to be there early and so we got one very quick picture of the matching two before heading out the door. (This was tonight.)

Tomorrow night the snack afterwards is ice cream so I think we will be going with a T-shirt and jeans tomorrow. We will see....

For those of you that blow these pictures up and look at them. Here is the story. Yes, in the picture from today you see a bite mark on her arm. Yesterday a little boy in her class bit her (I think that mark is on the other arm). Hannah has been bit several times in her year and a half or so of being at day care. Well, today, she decided to get him back and she bit him to which he answered her and bit her again (that is the mark on the arm that you see).

I know there is a point where she should defend herself and when we started getting on to her when we found out, the teacher, I could tell, kinda felt bad for her. She has NEVER retaliated before. I just don't want her to end up being the dreaded child. When Chris and I talked to her about it, she started crying just from our scolding so I think she knows very well that she did wrong. Hopefully she won't make a habit of being the one who does the biting.


Libby said...

I love those outfits!! We can't wait to see you guys tomorrow.

JoniDH said...

Best dressed girl at VBS! I clicked on the picture of Chris and Hannah and it is so cute - she looks just like her Daddy in that picture. So sorry about the biting "incident" - you know how Nannah feels about that!! Hard situations to handle. Love you all! Have fun finishing up VBS - then get some rest!

Wendy Worley said...

I love the outfits! She looks so cute in them! Hopefully the biting issue will resolve soon. You know she was just at her breaking point with the other child. Poor girl!

bettyd said...

Such cute outfits for such a cute girl. Hope she's enjoying VBS. There was a little boy who bit Chris several times when he was about Hannah's age. The daycare ended up telling his parents not to bring him back because they couldn't get him to quite biting. The other child will probably leave Hannah alone now...hope so.

Sara Jo said...

Hannah must just be too sweet since she is the victim of biting! That is what I say every time Savannah gets bit - which is way too often! Glad she's got a little fight in her!!! Hehehehe!

Over here, it's me said...

Yep, I agree Hannah is adorable in anything she wears. As difficult as it is to admit, she even puts a little sparkle in those hideous NC State rags she sometimes wears. Blue really suits her much better.

OK, the biting thing. That little boy needs a muzzle. Or, maybe Chris and Mindy can be given equal time to bite his parents.

Papa Joe

Wendy said...

rub Hannah down in vinegar or hot sauce. next time "skippy" bites he'll get a surprise. lol!!!

go Hannah!! don't let those boys be bullies!!! you did the right thing!!!

love the beautiful outfit!!!

aunt wendy and mollie
aunt dee gee and moddy

Grandmom said...

Love the beautiful VBS outfits. They both are special but I like the dress in the first picture best. I love her special smile with Chris.