Thursday, June 5, 2008

Making Friends

So in all this hustle and bustle if VBS week I have been exploring the Internet for some fun sites to help me with teaching 2 year olds and making pretty bulletin boards for the nursery. I found this really great site that has helped me lots and lots.

I felt the NEED to share.

The Making Friends website is great.

One of the stories we talked about was the story of Jacob wrestling with an angel all night long, then Jacob tells the angel to bless him (a little bold of a request after wrestling - don't ya think?) and then of course it ends with the angel changing his name to Israel and all is good. I had to remind myself of this story before I could even think of teaching it. Anyway, I was trying to decide what 2 year olds could really understand from this story and so I thought I would try to focus on the angel since they had all heard about angels and the changing of the name since they all knew their own name. I used the Making Friends website to print some FREE "paper dolls" and then angel "accesories" to put on the angels. Some had red hair, some had brown hair, some had black hair, some had blond hair. It was really neat.

There is a song that they sing in the class that meets in the nursery that says "Whatever I will be When I Grow Up, I Will Be a Christian First....." and I think I am going to put the words on one of the bulletin boards and make some career friends to put with it.

And then to illustrate the song "Jesus Loves The Little Children. All the Children Of the World" I am going to use some multi cultural friends. This may be my new go-to website for help with Sunday School.

Did I mention that I can print all this stuff for FREE?


JoniDH said...

I love these sites! It would be great if you would take pictures of the things you use in your class or on bulletin boards for your blog. If you would also share your lesson plan; you will eventually have an awesome record of great ideas for teachers. If we could get a whole network of people doing this - what a network we could have - How 'bout it?

Grandmom said...

Your mom has a great idea there!