Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Cereal

Thursday we went for Justus' 4 month shots. He is growing and is good and healthy.

He is 15 pounds 5 ounces (in the 50%)
He is 26.5 inches long (in the 90%)
His head is 43.5 cm around (in the 75%)

This means he also got to have his first cereal. Yes, he is wearing a Baby's 1st Valentines bib and it is January but it is the one Hannah wore when she had her first cereal (in October of 2006). It is just a really good, big bib.

He was not that excited about cereal at first but he has gotten better and better. This morning, he ate it up!!


JoniDH said...

YEA!! Glad he is getting used to it. Justus, you gobble that up.....there's more and better to come - promise!
I Love You!

Melissa said...

I hear a lot of moms add a little of the jar fruit to the cereal when they make it, just enough to make it the right consistancy. I didn't even think about doing that with landon! I bet he would probably like that much better! Glad to hear he is doing well and able to start on the solids!

Wendy said...

YAY JUSTUS!!! Yummy!!!
Just wait til your Grandpop teaches you how to clean a chicken leg bone!!!

love you
Aunt Wendy and Mollie

Grandmom said...

Justus, I'm so glad they are finally letting you eat some solid food. I bet you will sleep better with a nice full tummy. Enjoy your cereal and it won't be long and there will be other good things added. I love you and that big sister of yours. Of course I love your mommy and daddy too!