Monday, January 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week I did pretty good. My grocery bill was $59.22. The only problem is that I forgot about an event last week that I needed stuff for. (I didn't forget the event, I just forgot what I said I would bring so I planned for another meal but needed items for a different one.) Anyway, so, I spent $8.10 last week for things I forgot.

This means technically I was $7.32 over budget this week. Booooo!!! I have GOT to get better at this. I think we may have start having 2 "light" suppers. You know, like soup and grilled cheese or ramen noodles and a veggie or something like that. I WILL figure this out.

Also, I have realized that I live near and ALDI store which is a discount grocer so I need to check that out. AND, I have got to keep up with double and triple coupon days. I just realized last night, after it was too late, that Harris Teeter was having triple coupons this weekend and I MISSED IT! Ahhhhhhhh!!

OK, now to the Menu:

Monday: Ham, Ranch Potatoes, Mac n Cheese
Tuesday: Sweet and Sour Chicken Lo Mein
Wednesday: Breakfast - Brunch Casserole and Toast
Thursday: Taking Beans to a friends house for a cook out
Friday: Chili and Cornbread
Saturday: Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Ranch Potatoes, Lima Beans
Sunday: Taking sandwiches and chicken nuggets to church building

As usual, I will let you know how next week goes!
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