Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trying To Be Big

So, this is our little "problem." Maybe I should call it a challenge. Hummmm... Maybe an experience? Maybe a phase? Anyway, I am not talking about the girl. (which by the way, please look at the beautiful girl and not at the messy room!) I am talking about the sitting.

Hannah calls it "sitting crisscross."

Sweet - isn't it? ....

... Until we realize that you can not pee pee (or poo poo for that matter) on the potty while sitting crisscross. (YES, my baby girl is officially potty trained and has been for about 4 weeks - I am just now comfortable enough to say it - or print it - out loud without it jinxing me.)

... OR until we realize that when she tries to sit crisscross during worship she has to sit on the edge of the pew and it makes her lose her balance and almost fall. If she doesn't actually fall then she definitely has a bowl of Cheerios in her hand that flies up high enough for our minister to probably see.

... OR until Mommy asks her to help pick up her toys and she answers "not right now, Mommy. I am just sitting crisscross in my chair right now."

OH the joys of my 2 year old trying to be big. It is so adorable and so aggravating.


Wendy said...

At least she won't wet her pants by accident....hehehehehe!!!

I think it she looks so cute and I am sure she got her BEAUTIFUL legs from her Aunt Wendy!!!

I love you Hannah!!!

Aunt Wendy

JoniDH said...

Nannah votes - adorable!

P.S. Nannah has been told she has beautiful legs a time or two!

Grandmom said...

HANNAH'S GREAT-GRANDMOTHER HAD BEAUTIFUL LEGS IN HER 80'S. REMEMBER? However don't encourage criss-cross too much, could be a health hazzard so I'm told. Ladies don't cross their legs. Ever heard that? That's enough of my "old granny tales."

Betty said...

What a sweetie....I agree Joni, she is adorable, but how could we both not agree to that! I laughed outloud at the cheerios flying during worship and her trying to cross her legs on the potty. And "Grandmom", I've always heard the same - only cross at the ankles; HOWEVER...when we were watching the first female governor of NC's inaugaration on TV, I pointed out to Poppa Bob that not only our new governor, but so many other female dignitaries on the front row had their legs crossed! Well, let me get off and uncross my legs - one of them is going to sleep.....

dgayle said...

What a doll!! The cheerios must go forward or downard -- none of them come back my way!!!