Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Purposeful Surroundings

So, I was telling you about how we are trying to be very purposeful about what we surround ourselves with in our home. (Check out what I did with my mantle here!)

We have had this up for a long time. This picture is what we have hanging over the doorway you have to go thru from the kitchen to get to the garage. In other words, when we leave the house - we HAVE to go under it.

Have you ever seen a sports team have some kind of tradition where the whole team hits a special picture or something when they are going out to the game before they get to the opening of the "tunnel" or whatever to get onto the field/court? Chris and I say this is our thing like that. (We don't actually hit it.) Before we go out into the world we pass by this. We need to live in such a way that we are always remember Who is lighting our path!

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JoniDH said...

No better way to face the day!