Friday, March 27, 2009

The Cast

So, does anyone really know what a growth plate is? I apparently didn't. If that is damaged it can cause major problems with the growing process. As we have learned more about Hannah's injury we decided that a cast is the way to go. Hannah's pediatrician and the orthopedic doctor were very pleased we changed our mind and really felt this was the right thing to do.

When we got the XRay the doctor did not seem to tell us everything about what was going on. He may have just thought we knew more than we did. I think from now on we are going to walk into any new doctor and the first thing we are going to say is "We Are Clueless. We Need EVERYTHING Explained!"


Here are the before and after pictures. She was so good while they were putting it on. I brought some of her favorite books and we looked at books while nurse Angie did her thing. Hannah picked PINK!!! Of Course!!

Pray for my sanity for the next two weeks please!!


JoniDH said...

Hannah, I love the color you picked.

Mindy & Chris - you're in my thoughts and prayers - you're great parents and every parent goes through the "did we make the right decision" thing about something. Thanks for caring so much!! I Love You ALL!!!!

Wendy said...

I feel a little guilty for not saying anything earlier BUT, yes Aunt Wendy knew about the growth plate issue because of Mollie's broken arm/elbow growth plate...VERY IMPORTANT!!! I also didn't know the growth plate issues before Mollie's accident. I am so glad you did go get a pretty pink cast...Mollie picked a pink arm cast too!!! She got to wear it for Easter that year!!!
Love you all!!!

Sara Jo said...

oh good. i have been really worried about this. i guess i am guilty just like Aunt Wendy!

me said...

Hannah, I hope your knee heals soon. I am sure the the cast is not much fun. If I were you I'd ask my daddy to carry me more. What's a few more pounds of plaster? Has it been signed yet? Get someone to put PAPA JOE on it in big letters.

Papa Joe

Julie said...

What a beautiful pink leg!! You are such a beautiful and brave, big girl!

We will pray for Jesus to help this boo boo heal so you can run real fast again soon.

Grandmom said...

Hannah, be patient and two weeks will go by in a hurry. Do what Mommy and Daddy says. They want to take good care of you. We love you,Grandmom and Grandpop

dgayle said...

The pink is perfect just like you Hannah!!

Mindy and Chris -- we all learn- I have two nieces that went through the same thing and both are fine now and the parents say if we had only known -- we they didn't know in the beginning. Things will be fine. You did it quick enough.

Betty said...

Hannah, we love your pink cast and glad you have such smart, loving parents to take care of you!