Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Sunday Pictures

Thought those were cute - huh? Now, lets look at the OUTTAKES!!

Justus: Would you get me out of this chair with her, please?
Hannah: Am I smiling? I don't feel like I'm smiling.

Justus: Take the picture, already!!
Hannah: Mommy, I know you want to take my picture but have you ever noticed this little piece of lint over here? Who put it there? Why is it there? Did you put it there? Is it dirty? What ....

Justus: Choking Here! Does anyone notice that I am choking? Are these Sunday Pictures this important?
Hannah: I love my brother. He is so squishy!

Justus: I am outta here!
Hannah: Mommy, I am trying to keep him here but it is really hard to do that and smile for your picture at the same time.


Too close. A little too close.
((Bloggy Recognition to the person who knows what movie this quote is from!))

Falling. Um, does anyone notice I am falling? My balance is not that great yet. Did you know I am only 5 months old?

This one is for Grandpop. He is spitting just like you taught him. I think I should make you come back here and UnTeach it to him!! :-)


Sara Jo said...

Cute pics...and it is from Aladdin...most definately the best Disney movie made during our teen years.

JoniDH said...

Thanks for the morning laugh. The best Sunday picture captions to date! I Love You ALL!

Betty said...

I agree with Joni. I'm ready to start the week now - love the pictures! Love to all!

Wendy said...

Finally...I get my Sunday Pictures!!!
They are so funny!!!

Carrie Mc said...

Justus has great facial expressions, just like Hannah. These are great pictures!!