Sunday, March 1, 2009

Urgent! Prayer Request!

Please pray for the Williams Family.

Patrice is someone that I have known from back home for a long long time. Her and her husband, Matt, buried their first born son, Gabe, who was still born at 37 weeks last April and now have a son, Jonah, that was born on Friday with a very serious and rare skin disorder.

Please, if you have a moment - Pray for them!!!

The specific prayers that they have asked for as of today are:

- That Jonah will continue to resist infection
- That he will eat and avoid a feeding tube
- That he will not have as severe of case as some doctors think
- And that we will have more days like yesterday and fewer nights like last night

((You can click on the picture to go to their blog and view their prayer requests and Jonah's updates!))

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