Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

OK, so I have got $180 to buy for 3 weeks worth of groceries. I spent $117.33 last week and this is week 2. I have a confession - I had a couple of budgets I was working with this week. I had something going on at the church building, and I had a care package I was buying for SO I got myself a little mixed up. As best I can tell, I am pretty sure that I spent $30.36 on our family groceries.

This means that so far I have spent $147.69 and for next week I have $32.31 that I can spend. I think I can do it.

Here is the menu for this week:

Monday: Pork Medallions Alfredo, Lima Beans
Tuesday: Taco Salad, Chips & Salsa
Wednesday: One Dish Chicken Skillet, Green Beans
Thursday: 4 Can Black Bean Chili, Fritos
Friday: Eating out with Family
Saturday: Eating out with Family
Sunday: Leftovers

To see other's menu plans check out Org Junkie! (There are lots of ideas there!)

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