Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Book

Swapping Lives was good and I definitely would not mind reading more of Jane Green's books. I will say, though, these stories that I have read that spend some if not all their time overseas in London or somewhere have horrible language. In this book, in fact, there is a lady from the US who goes to London and part of the book talks about how the woman from the US can not believe how casual their bad language is. Anyway, it is a cute story about the concept of "the grass is always greener....". I enjoyed it and will probably try to read more of her books.

Again, I am trying to decide what to read next. I had decided that I am not quite ready to get into a series and I have been missing my Fern Michaels a bit so I am going to read No Place Like Home by Fern Michaels. Of course, when I starting looking for a picture of the book on line I realized that this is the first of 2 books (a series just like I didn't want to do ..... )!! I am really terrible with this kind of thing.

(I have already ordered the next book called Family Blessings, though, from! - I'm a sucker!)

However, as I was looking up the Fern Michaels books I did discover that this year 2 more books are coming out in the Sisterhood series and I am SO excited. Under the Radar and Razor Sharp are scheduled to come out this year. Under the Radar in May!!! YAYAYAYAY!

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