Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lesson Learned

SO, Saturday night as Hannah is playing with some of her friends, she suddenly starts to cry. I run to her and she says her knee hurts.

I look at it.
It looks fine.
I put her down.
She collapses unable to stand up.
Upon closer inspection one knee does look a little swollen.

She then sits in her Daddy's lap the rest of the evening and won't play. If you know Hannah, you know this is WEIRD. Beyond Weird. Crazy WEIRD!

Chris and I think she just fell and it will be better in the morning after some rest. All day Sunday and all day Monday Hannah is limping and randomly falling as she is walking every now and then because her knee seems too weak at time to carry her. She even does this in the middle of the night when she gets up to go the bathroom and when no one is looking. SO, we are sure she is not just doing it for attention.

Last night Chris takes Hannah to the doctor and here is her X-Ray.

An Occult Salter 1 Fracture, which Chris describes to me as a fracture you can not see.? The doctor said that he knows it is there because the distance between the growth plate and the bone is too big. Everyone see it? Everyone get it?

Yeah, me either.

Anyway, we choose to try to keep her off her leg on our own instead of having a cast. Let's just say that it has not been that fun today. And let's just say that I really feel like I need to be off my feet too. I need to lay around and watch movies and eat my favorite foods. I should really be taking advantage of this and maybe I will over the next couple of days but ... Today ... the first day of this whole thing. I am lounging. I feel exhausted even though I am not the one hurt. Craziness. I know.

SO, the Lesson Learned, you ask, is what, exactly??

When your Mommy and Daddy tell you not to jump on the bed because you could get hurt. They Mean It!!


dgayle said...

Unfortunately I know several this has happened to --- the leg or the arm -- from jumping on the bed.
Give her a hug from me please.

JoniDH said...

SO sorry about Hannah's knee - and, like all our babies, young and old, it's really hard on Mommy and Daddy when they are sick or hurt. Hope you all recover soon. Love you ALL! Wish I was there to entertain Hannah : - )

Wendy Worley said...

Hope she stays off and rest. Hard for a little one. We've been there 2 times with Tucker, thinking nothing is broken at first. The same issue with the elbow & growth plate spacing. I get it (now).

Betty said...

As I said in my email earlier today, I'm sorry Hannah "has a boo-boo" as she told me on the phone last night, and wish I could be there to help during this. Mommy and Daddy need to rest when they can. Love to all.

Wendy said...

My poor baby!!! I'm so sad. It reminds me of when Mollie fell off/out of the trampoline (throught the opening in the safety net)and fractured her elbow growth plate.
Be careful Hannah and get well soon!!!

Aunt Wendy and Mollie

Libby said...

Poor Hannah! (and poor mommy and daddy!) I hope it heals quickly. I think we should plan a girls' night soon. Sounds like you could use one!! :) I'll find any excuse to have a night out!!

The Burgess Family said...

Sending prayers for speedy healing!!! BTW, check out MckMama's page when you get a sec... lots going on there.

Julie said...

Bless her little heart!
Bless yours and Chris' too!
Love you guys.

The Rileys said...

Hi Mindy...this is Amy Greenwood...I found your blog through Jonahs...So glad I can follow you...check us out when you can!