Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Sunday Pictures

I laid him down on the boppy and he was very upset. So we sat him up in his boppy and he was very happy. He is doing such a great job of sitting up and he definitely prefers it.

Justus is looking up at his silly Daddy! Look at those eyelashes!

Yes, Hannah has a green bruise under her eye. It is from LAST Sunday actually. She was flirting with one of the handsome young (he is in 2nd or 3rd grade) boys that sit behind us and she whipped around and hit her eye on the song book rack. Luckily it was during a song and she just cried for a minute but it looked pretty bad this week - turned lots of pretty colors. (( Watch out Jake - Mr Chris might make you pay for this one! he he! ))

ALERT! Communication Error between Mommy and Daddy.
I thought Chris got a few pictures of Hannah by herself so I didn't do any more. Whoooops! This is the only one we got of her by herself this week. She is so funny.
Thank You Chloe for sharing this dress with Hannah!


JoniDH said...

GREAT picture week! Justus is really learning fast - he's a doll baby! And Hannah, Nannah has had at least one of those shiners - tell you about it sometime. Trust me, yours is a sweeter story. I just can't wait to see ALL of you - IN PERSON! Love You!

Betty said...

What beautiful children - Hannah, I like your painted nails and you look so pretty in your green and pink. Justus, what a cutie you are and so happy! Hannah, ask your Daddy about Maw Maw's black eye!

Melissa said...

Justus is doing great! I see Hannah in him more and more everytime I see pictures of him! It is amazing how when he was first born he had more of his own look, now everyone will know who his sister is! Such beautiful children, glad I get to call them my niece and nephew! Love yas!

Wendy said...

Look at our baby boy!!! He is so cute and love those pretty fingernails Hannah!!!
Aunt Wendy