Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Angel Food Ministries

Have you ever heard of it?

If you are looking to help your budget then you should look into it. I have a link on the right side of the page.

Here is the deal...
If you pay - you get it. It does not matter your income. It does not matter your age. It does not matter how many children you have. You can get this. They put out a menu every month. You have a date that you must pay by ($30) and then you have a date that you have to go pick it up. There you have it. Food at a great price. The food is not about to go bad. (The shelf stable milk I got this time does not expire until next year). The food is not reject food.

Anyway, we were very pleased. We have meat for at least 7 meals from this. Chris looked at it all and said we had over $30 worth of just meat there. Crazy. We have to drive 6 miles to the nearest pick up point - that is it. They also offer a $28 package of 10 convenience meals, all fully cooked; a $25 allergen-free food box where they have eliminated 8 of the top food allergens; a $36 special Thanksgiving box; and then 4 $20-$23 special boxes, some being a fruit and veggie package, an assorted steak package, and an assorted Grill box.



Kathy said...

it all looks amazingly similar to the items we got for Angel Food this month! maybe we aren't that far away from each other after all

Grandmom said...

Yes, we have bought it before. Liked everything about it but found with just the two of us we were not using it fast enough. We thought it was a great program!