Wednesday, September 9, 2009

His New Thing

Justus LOVES to take all the puzzle pieces out of ALL the puzzles and then leave them for Chris and I to put back together after he has gone to bed.

Sesame Street puzzles may actually be growing on me.

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!


dgayle said...

Justus is testing you!!!

Mindy said...

I think I might be failing the test. Already. At 11 months old!!

JoniDH said...

I'm glad he likes puzzles - now if he can just figure out how to put them back together. You'll turn around one day and he will know how to do it! (Then you'll have to sneak around and do the Sesame Street puzzles!)

Wendy said...

I love puzzles too! I think Justus wants to make sure you don't get bored after he has gone to bed. :)
Love you,
Aunt Wendy

Carrie Mc said...

Abbey is 21 months and still does this. Justus will learn to put them back together, but I hope he has a better attention span than Abbey. She will start to put them back together, but then gets distracted and like you, I have to put them back together after she goes to bed. These are the times we will miss, Mindy. Remember that!