Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yard Sale

Last Saturday we had a yard sale. It was pretty fun. There are a couple of good things about yard sales. (By the way, do you call it yard sale? Or do you call it garage sale? Or something else?)

First, you simply can not get any house work done because you MUST be outside in case a few customers come. Too Bad.

Second, you get to eat outside and most of the time you get to snack. You can see here that Justus is not the happiest about being finished with his food.

There are, however, a couple of not so great things about yard sales.

First, you have to plan and prepare so much before hand. Craziness.

Second, (especially in our case where it was a neighborhood yard sale and my AW and Mollie brought stuff to sale too) you may end up finding things you want to keep or buy from another yard sale. You can see here that Hannah found one of Mollie's old hats that I would not let her have because, after all, we were suppose to be getting rid of stuff - not bring more stuff in.

Third, when your aunt and your daughter go yard saleing together while you man your own yard sale you have no control over what comes home. (more stuff) Chris got a great tie out of the deal that Hannah picked out for him, though. Maybe it will show up in a Sunday picture some time soon... Hummmm.... not sure if this is an altogether bad thing or not.... oh well..

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