Friday, September 11, 2009


This may not look like excitement to you but .... let me tell you ...... it is!! This is what Hannah does when she is excited about someone coming to the house. (Classic end-of-the-day event when Chris is on his way home!)

She goes to get her chair and she sits at the front door to wait. It is so sweet.

So, if you ever come over and are frustrated that you can not get in the door very easily, please be flattered and not upset. It means that Hannah has been anxiously awaiting you!

AND, yes, for all you Roll Tide fans out there, that is Big Al sitting next to her!


dgayle said...

I love it. And Big Al, too.
How sweet and what a welcome!

JoniDH said...

That is sweet - who wouldn't be flattered to have that sweet thing waiting for you? Chris, how do you contain yourself when you see that? And I know that the next thing is an exicted scream "Hey, Daddy"!!!!

And I, for one, am THRILLED to see Big Al in the mix!!

Wendy said...

I love how when she says..."Hey Daddy"!!!'s the same Thrill and Excited tone every time... It's like she hasn't seen him for a very long time but he may have only been in another room for 30 minutes.
I know it feels good to have someone glad to see you after a long day at work.
And yes...Hannah...Big Al is the greatest.
love you
Aunt Wendy

Betty said...

Too precious...glad you've captured it in a picture.