Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do You Think He Likes It?

This past weekend Justus tried some spaghetti o's canned spaghetti. He liked it.He then got word that Mommy made spaghetti some times. He also got word that on 12/20/07 it was documented that his sister liked spaghetti. It was also documented on 07/18/08 and on 03/31/09. He felt he needed to try some real spaghetti after that!

This is how the meal started.

This is in the middle of the meal.
This is the end of the meal.
(He had to make sure he sucked down that very last bit.)

I think I have a WHOLE family who loves spaghetti!


Betty said...

Looks like he really enjoyed his "basketti". You could probably win something with that video - getting the last little bit. How cute!

JoniDH said...

He likes it, Justus likes it!!
No big surprise - except the take a bath in it part :-)
Who had clean up duty?

Wendy said...

Yummy!!!! I would eat spaghetti with Justus ANYTIME !!! But I will wear a shirt...hehehe
love you
Aunt Wendy