Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Day

Last Saturday (not this past Saturday but the Saturday before - yes I am behind!) we had a beautiful and busy day! It was lots of fun!

First, Hannah packed up her backpack and headed out to work with Daddy for a few hours. She thought she was so big. It was cute!
Then Hannah and Daddy met Mommy, Justus, and the Moss family for a beautiful, cool day at the zoo!(The sunglasses and the hat did not even last thru the parking lot.)

Hannah flipped out about the carousel which was so weird because we went to the fair the weekend before and she rode all the kiddie rides just fine.
Of course, there was the amazement of the animals to look at. The kids were so so cute!(No, I did not edit that picture at all - the grass was really that green and the sky was really that blue)

Lots of smiles were had by all!

Then, of course, came the bouncing! FUN FUN!

And snack time really hit the spot.It was a great great day!

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JoniDH said...

Looks like a great day! Can't believe the kids (all of them) are growing up so fast!