Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beautiful Snow

There is just something about a picture of a little girl alone in the snow, looking around in wonder that is so beautiful to me. ((I may or may not be a little bias about the little girl here - not sure!))
Until you realize why she gets to walk out there like watch her Daddy sweep off his car. Poor Rosie had to be outside during this whole snow/ice mess.

I can't say for sure, but Daddy may have been having too much fun and hit Hannah with a little snow. Don't know for sure though! :-) She will learn quick to stay far away from Daddy when he is doing something like this. His eyes get mischievous.


Betty said...

LOVE the pictures and your commentary about beautiful little girls in the snow - and Daddy's mischievious eyes! Poor Rosie!

dgayle said...

I love the pictures of Hannah, how beautiful.

JoniDH said...

Beautiful girl - and I'm sure Daddy had fun showering her with a little snow - who wouldn't?

Wendy said...

Poor Rosie and glad to see that Chris Doughtie knows the power of the broom during a snow. I learned this from Grandpop. I thought he was the only one who used a broom to clean snow off the cars.

Wendy said...

Oh...and I love the Hannah in the Snow pics. Very beautiful.
Hey, have they worn their Bama shirts yet?