Saturday, February 6, 2010

Conversations With Hannah

I am trying to teach Hannah the Knock Knock joke where you say "apple" or "banana" 3 times and then finally you say "orange" and they say "orange who" and you say "orange you glad I didn't say ...... apple/banana" You know!

Anyway, at supper the other night it went like this:
Hannah: Knock Knock
Daddy: Who's There?
Hannah: Cake
Daddy: Cake Who?
Hannah: Knock Knock
Daddy: Who's There?
Hannah: Nobody
Daddy: Nobody Who?
Hannah: No, Daddy the one who says "Nobody" wins!

On our way to worship Sunday morning in snow and ice but with Bright Bright sunshine:

"Look Mommy. Look Daddy. The snow has sparkles. It's pretty!"

I can't believe I hadn't even noticed. It was Beautiful!

Hannah: Mommy, when are God and Jesus going to come from heaven?
Me: I don't know. Soon I hope. What do you think?
Hannah: What are they going to do when they come from heaven?
Me: They are going to take all the people that obeyed Him back to heaven with them.
Hannah: (with her scared face) I don't think I want to go to heaven.
Me: Heaven is the best place to be - ever.
Me: Hannah, what do you like most? Lollipops?
Hannah: Yes
Me: Well heaven will be like a place full of lollipops for you, but even better!
Hannah: Will I get a lollipop?
Me: (oh no, we have drifted) It will be LIKE lollipops everywhere. You will need to ask God about it.
Hannah: If they have chocolate lollipops and yummy lollipops in heaven, I want a chocolate one and a yummy one.
Me: Hannah, I just mean heaven will be wonderful and you will definitely want to be there.
Hannah: If I am in heaven and ask about lollipops, I just want to ask God, not Jesus.
Me: Ok, Hannah, Night Night.
Hannah: Night Night


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So glad you have a blog; not only to share with us, but to document these sweet conversations with Hannah.