Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Out Takes

So, I take quite a few pictures of the kids on Sunday. Some weeks go better than others. But I have a couple of out takes from the Sunday Pictures of the last couple of weeks that I just thought were hilarious and so I thought I would share.

First, I call this the "Huh?" picture. They were really not as upset as this picture seems to show.

Next, this is Justus mad at me because I am making him stay in the chair. He obviously wants to get down.

And last, Hannah's cough. She was smiling so pretty when I started to push the camera button but this is what we got. (And I think it is funny that she wanted to take her Sunday pictures in her new car seat.)

Hope you got a little giggle.
I did.


Betty said...

This proves that "life" happens even when the camera is on...but you always show us the best pics of the day - we love all of them because Hannah and Justus are so cute and precious even when the "cheeses" are not perfect.

Wendy said...


JoniDH said...

No giggles from me.......laughing 'til tears are running down my face!! Thanks - needed that!

Carrie Mc said...

These are so funny! So, you don't take perfect pictures every time. :)

dgayle said...

I needed this today, Thanks! More than a giggle, however. Children are so precious and so honest. And, Hannah, little Miss Pris sitting all pretty in her new car seat and then the cough. Even "ladies" have their moments.