Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Party

Hannah had a Valentine's Party at school last week. She had lots of fun.

She got to hang out with Daddy which her teachers said she would NOT stop talking about. She LOVES it when Daddy comes to school to hang out.

She got to decorate a cookie. How beautiful.

And then she got a little bag full of goodies from all her friends in her class. It was a fun fun day. Hannah had a wonderful time.


Betty said...

School is fun...having a Valentine's Party at school is lots of fun.....having Daddy come to school is over the top! Hannah, your cookie was SO pretty and so are you! Glad Daddy was able to come!

JoniDH said...

And who wouldn't be excited to spend special time with a Daddy like Chris??? So special - glad you have pictures to document.

Wendy said...

LOVE the beautiful cookie!!! Who got to eat it? Daddy or Hannah?

Grandmom said...

The first picture is so precious. That beautiful cookie is pretty nice too. Daddy Chris did you get to test out the cookie?

Christopher said...

I think Hannah, Mommy and Daddy tested the cookie