Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

(Yes, I know it was yesterday.)

Chris' parents came to visit and they let Chris and I go out alone on Saturday and Chris planned the evening.

First we went to a little "dive" of a place that we both LOVE but it is a little far from home and we can't go often. It was SO SO yummy. Most who go there would not think it romantic but it is "us"! My OBGYN is near there so we use to always go when we had doc appts when I was pregnant. And we have been going there together for a very long time before that! Yummmy!

Next, Chris surprised me. If you are not friends with him on facebook you may not know where we went so here are a few hints. See if you can guess....

#1 Us trying to get a picture together before we left. Can anyone guess by these pictures?
#2 This is us when we were actually there at the surprise. Any guesses?
#3 This is what we were looking at in the picture above. Do you think you know what we did?
#4 This is what we were wearing in the picture with clue #2.

Yes, we went ice skating.
Yes, I was terrified.
Yes, I learned that my husband can skate!
Yes, I had lots of fun and yes I cuddled with my hubby ALL night!


JoniDH said...

FUN!!! Happy Valentine's Day! Glad you got a night with your sweet valentine!

Betty said...

Good pictures. Glad ya'll had fun! We did too!

Wendy said...

That is the most AWESOME fun Valentine Date!!!
Love you,