Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Sunday Pictures

(Justus would not look at me because of the sun!)

And the one that made me laugh this week....
Hannah being nosy and trying to peak thru our neighbor's fence.
(In her defense, their dog was right there barking at her.)


JoniDH said...

SUN - ? That's worth smiling about!!!!

They look like they are ready for spring - ME TOO!

Look the outfits, and the smiles, and the "antics".

Justus - love your hair combed to the side and your plaid jacket. Hannah - LOVE the green and pink (great bow, too!).

Love you all SO MUCH - can't wait to see you in person!

Grandmom said...

They are so beautiful today. Nannah said it all. Love you 4!

Wendy said...

Great Sunday Pictures!!!
I would be looking through the fence too Hannah!
Aunt Wendy

Betty said...

Don't knw what happened to my original post on these - great pictures - know they enjoy getting outside to take pictures! Love you all!

Lovely life of Jennie said...

I think these are my favorite Sunday pics so far! Love them! Miss you Mindy!