Monday, February 1, 2010

Pajamas & Bear Hunts

Last week, at school, we had Pajama/Bear Hunt Day. It was so fun.

All the kids and the teachers wore pjs.

All the kids brought Teddy Bears and Flashlights. Then the director and asst director took each class on a bear hunt thru the church building to find their own bears. How did they find their bears? By following the bear tracks, of course. It was so cute.

They put the bears in a dark room, though, so that the kids could use their flashlights to find the bears. Most kids were OK with it but there were a few - like my Hannah Bear - that were a little nervous.

I am proud of her. She was brave. She did not cry but I can tell you that when she came back to her class, I saw her, and her cheeks were bright bright red. She was nervous and made her teacher hold her hand.

They were all so brave during their bear hunt - it was a cute and fun fun day!


Betty said...

What fun! Glad Hannah was a trooper.

JoniDH said...

How cute they are!!! Love all the pjs, shoes, and friends pictures!

Wendy said...

How fun!!! Love the Sock Monkey and Dora PJ's!!!
Did Justus go on a Bear Hunt also?
Great job Hannah Bear!!! I love flashlights.