Saturday, December 6, 2008

Purposeful Surroundings

In my Life Change that I am slowly but surely making of simplicity I have decided that our family should have sur- roundings that are purposeful and mean- ingful.

My first embrace of this is my mantel. We have always had pictures up on our mantel but we have not had too many pictures of our own family here. This is now dedicated to photos of our family of 4. Using the jars makes it very easy to change the photos and update them regularly too. (By the way I saw someone on a show on HGTV do this in a house they were decor- ating!)

I also put our very special Willow Tree figurines here. They represent some wonderful times in our lives, including great friendships, a beautiful marriage, and the celebration of life as we had our children!

The cross-stitched "BE THERE" was done by mom. She was inspired by a beautiful story she heard. She did this for everyone in her family - not just us. Here is the story in her own words..

Last year we had a guest speaker, Stafford North, at church and he told the following story. While there is nothing inspired about the story or the people involved, the point of the story is what matters. (I did research some of the facts and the story does seem to be true the best I can tell.)

James Dobson, has a radio show called “Focus on the Family”. In 1988, Mr. Dobson learned that “Pistol Pete” Maravich, one of the top basketball players of all time, had turned his life to Christ after retiring from basketball a few years earlier. Dobson thought it would be great to interview Pistol Pete on his radio program and extended the invitation. Maravich agreed to the interview and afterwards, Dobson, Maravich, and others went to a basketball court and played a game of pick-up basketball. At the end of the game, Dobson reportedly told Maravich that he shouldn’t give up basketball because it meant so much to him. Maravich explained that he had experienced pain in his right shoulder for more than a year, but now it had disappeared and he felt great. Following that statement, Maravich collapsed on the basketball court and minutes later, despite attempts to revive him, Pete Maravich died in Dobson’s arms.

That is the story but what really is the point is that this is not a unique or isolated incident. It simply demonstrates the cycle of life and being a human. None of us know when or where we will depart this life.

Later as Dobson was telling his family about these events, he told them that he just wanted them know and remember that whenever or wherever he was when he did depart, he would be looking for them in the hereafter and wanted them to be there.

Stafford North said he and his family had adopted this simple saying, “BE THERE” and all had a cross-stitched reminder hanging in their home. As the children and grandchildren grew and set up their own homes, his wife would always cross-stitch one for them. Brother North also reached in his pocket and pull out an engraved key ring that said “BE THERE”.

I tried and tried to think of another slogan that would relay this same beautiful message, but I could not come up with any better than “BE THERE”. So, I cross-stitched each of you a simple reminder that there is nothing more important than for all of us to be together in the bye and bye. I hope this will convey that message and, if you decide to hang it, I hope you will have some occasions to pass this sentiment on to others.

Now you can see why we wanted this in such a prominent spot in our home!


Wendy said...

Love the new mantle arrangement...

love you all
Aunt Wendy and Mollie

Wendy said...

PS: nobobdy ever said I was a good speller....


JoniDH said...

I love the new look and thank you for making "Be There" a part of it. I love you all and look forward to us all being together in heaven forever.

Grandmom said...

I like the new look. And especially the thought you put into the meaning of things you are using. "Be There!"