Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bathing with Bag

So, when Hannah was about Justus' age (the age where they can sit up but you are not quite ready for them to just sit anywhere by themselves un- attended for a long length of time) we decided the the little bath that she laid back in was getting a little difficult. However, because of the situation mentioned above, we were not quite ready for her to sit in the bath tub all alone, even if we were there to watch. The bathtub is hard!

So, we acquired (via a gift, I believe) this inflatable duck. It was great!!

We had decided about a week before Hannah got her cast that it was about time to start thinking of getting the duck out for Justus. Luckily for us, this is also the perfect bathing tool for a 2 year old in a cast!

Put the bag on the leg, just in case.

Make her keep that leg out, just in case.

She leans back. I wash the hair. Daddy washes body.

Presto. A clean 2 year old with a bag.

AND, it is the perfect thing for Justus right now too.

Love It.

The only slightly sad thing is that Hannah doesn't get to take a bath with Justus. But she loved sitting on the side and watching!


JoniDH said...

I still love that duck! Never thought Hannah would get to use it again! And look at my Justus - he is SOOOOOO cute!

dgayle said...

Love the duck. Hannah, I understand the bag! I remember doing that for 8 weeks! But I never had a pretty pink one.

Grandmom said...

How Sweet!
Love you!

The Burgess Family said...

That is quacking, uh, cracking me up!!

Wendy said...

i remember the bath time ritual of bagging Mollie's arm. So, glad it's over for you.

Aunt wendy