Saturday, April 11, 2009

Justus Funny

We sat Justus in the middle of the living room floor to play. Chris was in there but I went to go check on something at the computer. Chris called to me and told me to come and see Justus.
No one moved him.

This is what I saw:

He's not crawling but he is getting around!


JoniDH said...

I'm SO glad the cast is gone - hope it gets stronger quick - 'cause we HAVE to do the hot dog dance!

Betty said...

And WHY does this remind me of Chris?!? Not crawling yet but getting where he wants to go! LOOK OUT!

JoniDH said...

Hmmmm - guess I commented on the wrong post! I love the way Justus' is looking up at Chris in this picture!! Think you'll see that look for a long time to come!

Wendy said...

i love it, i love it, i love it!!!

Aunt Wendy