Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've Been Bamboozled!

Have I been bamboozled, taken in by elaborate methods of deceit, hoodwinked?

First, as we are leaving my parents house on Monday and I can not find my camera anywhere. Where could it be? Well Well Well. It just happens to be in my mother's bag. The bag just happens to be with my mother. And my mother just happens to be at work in the complete opposite direction in which we need to go. (This is why, by the way, that you have no Sunday Pictures yet!)

As I am waiting for the postal service to get the camera to me... guess what happens.... My mom posts pictures of our weekend and my children on her blog. I am aghast! Did she bamboozle me out of my pictures of my children?

Second, my friend Julie asks if she can watch Justus some time and being the wonderful friend that I am, I find a time right away that she can take care of my sweet little boy. She keeps him for a couple of hours and what do I see? A beautiful picture of my sweet Justus on her blog. What? What is happening? Did she bamboozle me out of picture of my sweet handsome boy?

Can you believe it?
Can you control your outrage?
Did you know that such bamboozlement could go on these days?
I think I know the heart of this matter.
I think I know what is really going on here.

I think I am just trying to get you to go to these two wonderful ladies' blogs and see these beautiful pictures of my children and comment on them!! he he he he!

Maybe Bamboozled was a little strong of an accusation.
Maybe Mom and Julie were just loving on my children like they always do.
And just maybe I am trying to love on them right back!

(I might have also been trying to see how many times I could use the word bamboozle in one blog post.)

Thank You both for the sweet words about my sweet children.
Love You Both! :-)


Joni said...

OK, it worked I already saw my sweet Justus on Julie's blog! Be patient - I'm sure your camera will be there sometime........When you do get it, you better rush and post the ones you want because I have SEVERAL more planned!! Love you and miss you all.

The Bamboozler

dgayle said...

I did see Justus on Julie's blog--- he looked so sweet and absolutely happy (as anyone would be at Julie's!
I keep looking for Sunday pictures since I was not there Sunday but then you weren't either, but I still have to see them.

Julie said...

How does it feel to be so loved?! I was wondering where your pics were. I love that your mom couldn't wait to get those pictures of all the fun you guys had out there! I know I couldn't wait to put Justus' picture up either! Surprise!!

Joni and I are proud 'bamboozlers'!!