Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kite Day

Kite Day at the church building is one of those really fun days where you can fly kites, play outside with your friends, hunt Easter eggs, see the Easter bunny, and just have lots and lots of fun!!

SEE, even Mommy and Daddy are excited about Kite Day.
This is Hannah on the way to Kite Day.
This is Hannah on the way home from Kite Day.
SO, What Happened In Between??

Hannah played ball with her buddy Reese.
(I highly suggest you not make this first picture big unless you want to be grossed out by the bottom of the cast. Really Terrible.)
Then we ate some Great Food.
Hamburgers. Hot Dogs. Chips. Cupcakes. Yum!
Then Justus was fascinated by the Easter Bunny,
And Hannah was terrified!
(We will probably have 2 this way next year.)
Hannah then proceeded to whisper to her friends about how horrible the Easter Bunny was and try to get them to hide with her. What A Leader That Girl Is!!
After she said a VERY Hearty GOODBYE to the Easter Bunny she got ready to find those eggs.
She was a pretty good hunter.
(In case you are having a hard time spotting her, Hannah is the one with the Pink Leg!)
And promptly got to opening them up to see what she got!
She ate some candy with her buddy Willa.
She ate some candy with her buddy Reese.
Then, just because we would not let her eat any more candy, she decided to do a little seesawing.
And a little swinging.
(Thanks Mrs Rachel for pushing us!)
Right before we left we had to get our annual picture with our "Aunt" Stephanie.
What a Fun Day!


JoniDH said...

LOADS of fun! So glad the weather was nice for Kite Day! I'm VERY impressed how Hannah has adjusted to the cast and doesn't let it slow her down one bit! Justus, baby, do you ever frown? I Love You ALL - can't wait to see you. (I LOVE Hannah's dress!)

Over here, it's me said...

Wow, what a fun day you all had on Saturday. I wish I can have joined you. Hannah, I see the Easter Bunny still worries you a little. Justus, NO FEAR!

Wendy said...

I LOVE all the kite day pictures and Hannah and Mollie are definately my "candy girls"!!!

Love you,
Aunt Wendy

Betty said...

So glad it was a fun day for all. Miss Hannh didn't let anything keep her from enjoying the day (except for a few moments with that big white rabbit). Next year you'll have two running around,