Monday, April 20, 2009

New Book

I finished Baby Proof. It was ........ interesting.

First let's talk a little bit about what this author does to me. I have read 3 of Emily Giffin's books. She has this way of making me mad. I get to a point with a character where I just want to shake them and I am even tempted to quit reading. In all three of the books I have read by her I have put it down and thought about stop reading it because I don't like a character or what they are doing. Of Course, I can't quit reading and, of course, I end up loving the charcter I was so frustrated with by the end.

Second let's talk a little bit about what this book is about. All of her books are fun. They are not real serious. At least I don't think they are meant to be serious. But this book had an interesting question running thruout the book. It is a question that not many would say out loud. It is a question that I actually thought long and hard about at one point in my life. It is a question no one wants you to ask them.

"Why do you want to have a baby?"

Some follow up questions for this would be.... Is there an unselfish reason to have a child? Should you have a child because someone else wants you to? Is it an OK feeling to not want to have children? If you don't want to have children, are you automatically looked at as a selfish person?

Anyway, I could go on and on and I could tell you all about the book and all my opinions surrounding it but .... I will spare you.

Bottom Line is exactly what I said before. It was interesting. I enjoyed it - in a different kind of way than normal.

Next Up..... Family Blessings by Fern Michaels. This is the sequel to No Place Like Home.

(Honestly, I read most of it on my trip this weekend so expect another "New Book" post this week.)

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