Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hannah Funnies

Hannah is sitting on the side of the bathtub watching Justus get a bath and she suddenly gasps and says "HE'S POOPING IN THE BATH!" Chris and I both jump and starting looking into the water. We see nothing.

Look at the pictures below in the last post. You see the blue circle on the bottom of the duck? This is the indicator to tell us if the water is too hot.

This is what Hannah saw "coming out" of Justus' bottom!

Hannah is in to pretending to be people or be with people.
We are sitting at lunch and Hannah says:
"Mommy, how bout I be the Mommy, you be the Daddy, and Justus is a Fruit Snack."

Hannah, because of the cast, has gotten to watch lots more TV lately than normal. (I part blame the cast. I mostly blame my laziness and my being behind on the laundry.)

She asks if she can watch the "little stop signs" one. I think and think and think trying to remember if we have watched anything to do with cars.

I think ... maybe Handy Manny worked on a car.
No that is not it!
I think ... it can't be Sesame Street or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse -
she knows those names.
I think ... does one of the Cedarmont Kids videos have road signs.
No that is not it!
I think ... could Arthur have talked about road signs in school.
No that is not it!

I totally can not figure out what she is talking about.

A couple of days later I am flipping the channel and she says "THAT Mommy. I want to watch that! little stop signs!"

I say Ohhhhhhhhhhhh..... You mean Little Einsteins! She simple says "Yes", like I am a moron!

I have corrected her and she is saying it right a lot of the time now!



JoniDH said...

Thanks for the laughs - I can always depend on Hannah and Justus to make me laugh! Never a dull moment at your house....Love you all!

Betty said...

Hannah, you are too funny! Somedays I'd like to be a fruit snack!

The Burgess Family said...

How funny!! The Einsteins one is cracking me up!!!

Libby said...

I love the fruit snack one! She is too funny! I can just see you guys scrambling to prevent poop in the tub!! Haha!

Wendy said...

i love the part where Justus gets to be a fruit snack. i think he will protest when he understands.

Aunt Wendy