Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for sunroofs. Hannah is just at that stage in the car when she can see out the side window some but she knows she wants to see more. She quickly learned that if we have the sunroof uncovered (not open to the outside... brrrrrr) she can see outside very well. This means that if the sunroof is covered and she can not see out that sunroof window when we get into the car she will say "owside? owside? owside? owside? ... " until we open it. Once we open it she says "OWSIDE!!" It is so cute that Chris purposefully closes the sunroof just to hear her say it.

I am thankful for the ability to teach and the willingness to learn. Lately we had been trying to get Hannah to correctly answer the question, "What is your name?" For a long time, when we asked her she would just say "name" since that is the last word she heard us say. We kept working with her and we mentioned we were trying to work on that to her Day Care teachers and they said they were working on names and could probably help us out some. Well, just a week or so ago she finally got it. If you ask her what her name is she will now proudly say "Hannah!" The funny thing about this new found knowledge is that she thought everyone in her class should also know that her name was Hannah. She has somehow "taught" all the other kids in her class "Hannah." The teacher told us this week they hear "hannah hannah hannah hannah.." all the time now. I didn't really understand until she asked one of the other children to say Hannah. He did and then he said it again and kept saying it over and over. Then another little girl in another part of the room started.. "hannah hannah hannah.." Suddenly all 4 of the children left in the room that afternoon were saying "Hannah" over and over again. Chris and I thought it was hilarious and when we looked at Hannah she was just smiling. She thought it was really neat. Way To Go Hannah!! Once you learn... Go and teach!! We are so proud! :-)

I am thankful for my spaghetti. I do not make the GREAT and WONDERFUL spaghetti that my Mom and Grandmom make. I make a little simple version. Even thought I have never had one bite of it (I am not a big spaghetti fan) I love making it because my Chris and my Hannah think it is great. I thought you might enjoy the following pictures of this spaghetti I am thankful for.

WOW, mommy and daddy, this looks like a lot. I am not sure I can eat it all.

Oh my this is good! I like it!

I am working on it. I can't stop myself!

Just an FYI.. Her tray did not have one bite of spaghetti left on it. She ate it all!

Just like her Daddy!


JoniDH said...

Hannah, I am SO glad you LOVE spaghetti! These pictures are great. I especially like the one where she is looking up with that cute grin! Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, you are SO speical!

Christopher said...

The spaghetti is GREAT and WONDERFUL!!! I am thankful for spell check....I did not know how to spell spaghetti.

Over here, it's me said...

Yeah Hannah, we have another spaghetti lover in the family. When you come to visit with us I will gladly share a plate full with you. We might even go out to the garden next summer and pick some fresh spaghetti.

Papa Joe

bettyd said...

I love the fact that she is so smart to know how she can see "owside". If "Hannah, Hannah" isn't a sign of a future teacher, it may be a sign of a future motivational speaker...getting everyone working together as a team (with her as the leader!!).

The spaghetti pictures are priceless! So glad she loves her Mama's spaghetti, as does her Dad!