Friday, October 16, 2009

30 Things About Me Being 30

  1. I am not in my "twenties" anymore.
  2. After I eat just one piece of birthday cake I really do gain a pound over night!
  3. My young, 27 year old, hubby gets to say his wife is in her thirties!
  4. Even though my skin is a little looser, not quite as soft as it use to be, and has a few more lines in it, the skin I am in is feeling more and more comfortable.
  5. I have started evaluating how old I will be when the kids are out of the house and counting down the years. (Is it too early for that?)
  6. Sometimes friendships feel more like someone you can ask a favor from instead of someone you can just hang out and giggle with. Sometimes that seems sad but sometimes that seems so cozy and beautiful.
  7. Choosing your battles seems to be a way of life.
  8. At 30 the world seems so scary. Every day I think more and more about hiding. Some days I think I am hiding and don't realize it.
  9. I feel closer and closer to scriptures like Job 12:12, Ps 92:14, Ps 148:12, Prov 16:31.
  10. I really do keep loving gray hair more and more.
  11. "Super Stars" are not super.
  12. Looking back on 30 years of life is hilarious! WOW, it is unbelievable what I thought was important and now what really is important. (I think I may say this one again in a few years about how I feel now - he he!)
  13. Age is much more a number than anything else. I feel the same as I did when I graduated college.
  14. I have been able to see true love grow and recognize it for the beautiful thing that it is.
  15. Books are fun - MAN, I am old.
  16. I have realized I am a real nerd.
  17. I have found that at any age I can have true friends that are any age.
  18. I pray more, now than ever, for the Lord to go on and come!
  19. At 30, my mom is the best girl friend I could ever have.
  20. I have found that you can not "really" live on love here in this world but you can have so much love in your heart for that one special man that it feels like you could live on love! And that feeling is wonderful!
  21. The Lord is really and truly - seriously - honestly - completely - Really - ALL you need.
  22. I have realized Dirt Really Don't Hurt.
  23. Rollercoasters really are dangerous.
  24. Bugs really are gross and icky (you got that right - I have just now learned this).
  25. Have I always been this cold all the time?
  26. Have I always had this little blatter control?
  27. Being able to be Hannah and Justus' mom at age 30 is a great birthday present.
  28. I want and will allow my love of people (God's creation) to bubble up in me, no matter how it looks or how awkward someone thinks it is or what people think. Love for others (all others) is wonderful.
  29. I am done with junk - I want simplicity worse than I may have ever wanted anything before. And for some reason can not achieve it.
  30. It is weird to say I am 30 years old so I would appreciate it if no one ask me how old I am ever again. Thank You.
Happy Happy Birthday to ME!!


JoniDH said...

Love your list! You sound like a really grounded yet fun 30 year old. Got to say you still have NO idea how you blessed my life 30 years ago and how proud I am of you. I learn every day from you and love you more than words can ever express. Keep up the good fight 'cause I want us to spend eternity together. I love you, darling!

Wendy said...

That is the greatest list ever. Your mom is right, we were truly blessed when you came into our lives.
Happy Birthday.
Aunt Wendy

Libby said...

Happy Birthday! You're awesome at any age!! Let me know if you figure out how to simplify. (kids and simplicity don't mix!) I admire you for #28. It's one of the things I love about you!
Welcome to the 30's. Does it make you feel any better that I'll reach 40 first?! :)

Grandmom said...

What a blessing you have been to us. What a wonderful granddaughter
We love you very much and are so proud of you! We see that love of God and others in you and you are an inspiration to others.
We love you!
Grandmom and Grandpop

dgayle said...

No way, 30! Amen to #3, 6, 12,21,28,29!! I so agree with #8 when I was 30. But I won't say how many years ago that was!!

The Dodd Squad said...

Happy late birthday Mindy! I turned 30 last April and I think 30is now the new 20! Sounds good to me! I love your list too! We miss seeing you guys. Hopefully we will see you out and about soon but I'll just keep checking your blog until then!