Friday, October 9, 2009

Growing Boy

Can you believe that I forgot to blog about our 1 year doc appt with Justus?

He is very healthy! And the Dr said he was doing great. I am a little worried that he is not saying more words right now but the Dr was not worried. She said he may be on the low side of the # of words he is saying but he is ahead in his physical abilities and that can be very normal for a boy.

He is 24 pounds - in the 70%
He is 31.25 inches - in the 90%
His head is 49 cm - >95% (off the charts big!)

We were very pleased!

What a big boy. He is growing up so so fast!


Carrie Mc said...

I love a baby's laugh and Justus has a great one! I'm glad he is healthy.

Betty said...

He is a happy, healthy boy! Love to all!

Sara Jo said...

don't worry about the words...second children don't talk as fast because they can't get a word in for all the talking the older sibling is least that is how it is at our house...Savannah finally told Cole to "Be Quiet!" the other day!

JoniDH said...

I understand everything Justus says! That's all that matters - you have to admit he DEFINATELY communicates! So glad he had a good check up. Love you, Buddy Boo!

Wendy said...

He said aunt wendy perfectly.