Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well, there is no menu plan this week.
Chris is sick and I plan to go out of town this weekend (please pray I do not get sick too!).

Considering those two things - I do have some things in mind for what we will do for meals this week. There is some sort of a plan but nothing too major. Chicken Nuggets - Hamburger Helper - Spaghetti - Whatever works for the day since every day this week, I feel, will end up being crazy.

We spent $50.33 this week. BUT that included $5.25 for new (hard) sippy cups for Justus which does not take away from my grocery budget, so we did good.

When the cashier rang up the items at Kroger I had not yet given him my Kroger Plus Card. The total was something like $68. When I gave him my Kroger Plus Card I told him he had to get me under $50.

He laughed.
I didn't.
Just Kidding - I didn't make him suffer.

Well, when it came up to $50.33 I gave him 50 in cash and then started to look in my change purse. I laughed a little and said "I was serious, I needed to be under $50!" Do you know that the bagger (probably a grandfather) put his hand in his pocket to look thru his change to help me out with the 33 cents?

There are kind and nice people in this world.

I told him I thought I had it and brought a quarter out. He then pulled all his pennies to see if between our pennies we could make the 8 cents that remained - and we did!! I looked him in the eyes and thanked him. He smiled at me and said that I was more than welcome.

I just thought I would share that kind story with you. God's creations are beautiful!

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Wendy said...

Great story. I guess there are some good people left in the world.
Aunt Wendy